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[ETS2] R6 RJL Holland Style Low Cabin İnterior

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★ Read: Scania Rjl is compatible, choose "Scania R (RJL)" from the Mod dealer. Select the "Normal" cabin from the cabin section.


[If you want to buy bus]

Game Version: (1.47-1.48-1.49)

☆ 2 Steering Wheels Available (Normal steering wheel, Dutch Steering Wheel)

☆ Available in Red Neon Color.

☆ Exterior is available.

☆ 4K Ao Textures

☆ 4K Leather/Plastic/Honeycomb Bump Textures

☆ Lots of Quilted Floors with a Plump Structure.

☆ Modeling Adopting Luxury Details and Luxury Structure.

☆ Rjl Compatible.

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Last updated Nov 9, 2023


[ETS2] R6 RJL Holland Style Low Cabin İnterior

0 ratings
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