[ETS2] Pierrard Scania R580 V8 Streamline Tandem + Royen Special Trailer (Elite Mod)

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  • Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Mod Name: [ETS2] Pierrard Scania R580 V8 Streamline Tandem + Royen Special Trailer (Elite Mod)
  • Game Version: (1.49-1.50)
  • Author: Gaming-Modding
  • Sound: Nimit-Slav Jerry

Hello. First of all, we are honored to introduce Pierrard, which, in addition to being the first mode of the new 1.50 update, has adopted quality, design and European accessory style in all its form and evolution and has been carrying it for 3 generations for centuries.

speaking of the car in general, there is so much emphasis on plug-ins and 3D modeling that you can't count. a lot of effort has been put into this. i hope you pierrard lovers will like it too. but in this tool, we have given a special skin to our customers who have adopted their own template in their own unique accessory style as a gift to you!

  • Truck Exterior Features
  1. Fully 3D Interior And Exterior Cabin ( By GM )(it is licensed.)
  2. Have Template 16K
  3. 4 Slots
  4. a bright flare package is available for illuminated accessories.
  5. one-to-one scale chassis modeling was performed.
  6. 2 interchangeable in-game sounds with a double combination. (Pipe)
  7. Quality materials. high quality coatings and textures
  8. With Ultra Quality Template. (for you) (You Can Changing)
  9. Original luxembourg plates with interchangeable template.
  10. labels alcoa wheels. and every detail on the rim.
  11. carefully crafted michelin and continental Tire textures.
  12. Perfect Quality Horn
  13. Awesome 360 Lights
  14. you can cover the vehicle according to yourself.
  15. Please Read : please note that the product is the licensee and do not engage in any commercial activities. this includes swaps. please respect this cheap and well-deserved job for its price. respect that better and cheaper products will come. Thanks...
  16. the price is not expensive, we keep it extremely cheap. everyone should definitely taste it.

  • Trailer Features
  1. One-to-one scale trailer modeling was performed
  2. (Royen By GM)(it is licensed.)
  3. Very Long. For Professional Simulation Drivers

  • İnterior Features
  1. upholstered quilts of great quality and more...
  2. exact details with the truth. radio tachograph. head microphone and headset. right directional chip and more.
  3. a reversing camera.
  4. Realistic V8 Dashboard Textures
  5. Double Color Mix İnterior Light
  6. Red İnterior Light
  7. Pink İnterior Light

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Last updated Apr 28, 2024

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[ETS2] Pierrard Scania R580 V8 Streamline Tandem + Royen Special Trailer (Elite Mod)

5 ratings
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